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with this country's foreign policy in dealing with iraq and afghanistan? if you are not satisfied, what you think president obama should consider in a way of changes? >> i am not satisfied. as a libertarian, i seek a world at peace with other nations. i look to thomas jefferson's quote for inspiration. america should stop acting as the world's policeman. i do believe in a strong national defense, but the optimum word is defense, not offense. we do not have the money to continue the wars. our money could be more wisely spent here at home. >> todd akin. >> it is important to have a foreign policy to start with. you have to have some basic principles, the guidelines. that needs to an acute -- include iraq, afghanistan, a whole lot of other countries as well. the problem is we have not had that. what it seems like the vacillating policies we have almost punished our friends and helped our enemies. we decided to turn our backs on two of our allies, the czech republic and poland. we had plans to build missile defense. we gave that is a concession to russia. how much has russia helped us with iran? how
. about ten years ago, perhaps, iran was under direct threat. those who have occupied iraq and afghanistan were threatening iran on a daily basis. i do not believe that we are under any special conditions now from those sources, but the fact that the world -- historic period in the worlis coming to an end, an era during which power has set the first and last word. those holding the keys to power have set the fate of many populations. that era is coming to an end. >> the big catalyst for protests at the moment in the middle east was the video that was released which mocked the prophet muhammed. as a result, there was an attack as you know on the american embassy in benghazi in libya. the ambassador christopher stevens was murdered. do you condemn the attack which caused his murder? >> translator: fundamentally, first of all, any action that is provocative offends the religious thoughts and feelings of any people, we condemn. likewise, we condemn any type of extremism. of course, what took place was ugly, offending the holy prophet is quite ugly. this has very little or nothing to do with fr
o ce toromince as a presidential candidate in many ways because of his opposition to the war in iraq. >> and what you saw in his "60 minutes" interview is that the white house clearly feels they are on very strong ground making that appeal. what he said is i'd lik to know whether governor romy rlly wa to forward with a war, a third war and a war with iran, is that what he's talking about. they feel that the american people are not only weary of war, but rlly understandably ouutenglanlging iran and the likelihood that that would imflan the entire region. >> let's talk about egypt. basically fledgling democracy. there was that statement by the president about whether or not egypt was an ally or an enem e prident of egypt. here's what he said when he was asked about that comment. >> translator: it was warm, it was not hot. and hot?s the difference in warm >> translator: same difference between friendship and being an enemy. we're not enemies, of course. >> but you're friends. >> translator: we're friends. >> al? >> translator: the u.s. president said otherwise. >> president morsi who li
-thirds of republicans say there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq when our troops got there in 2003. do they have amnesia? have they been buried in their basements the last nine years? what explains this many people being so out to lunch they don't even remember how "w," remember him, he was president, blew his whole reason for sending our troops in there in the first place. how can people be so helpless. anyway, this may explain why romney is in trouble because people out there think his party is out of it. joining me is howard fineman and joe klein of the times. let's take a look at the two polls. the two key states ohio and florida. according to "the washington post," president obama has a four-point lead over mitt romney in florida. four points down there in a very tough state. 51%,/47% for obama. in ohio, the president's lead is a more comfortable eight points. 52/44. that's dramatic. we have joining us -- let's take a look at that for a minute. howard fineman, thank you for joining us, and joe klein of "time" magazine. thank you. it strikes me the numbers i put out tonight, and i'm going to
obama also drew a line in the sand about iraq's nuclear weapons. >> america wants to resolve this issue through true diplomacy and we need the time and space to do so. a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. >> reporter: but the president's strong words weren't enough to satisfy mitt romney. >> we can look at iran for the last four years, is iran closer to a nuclear weapon or not? and we know the answer, iraq is closer to a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: it was a media day for both president obama and mitt romney. whether physically in new york or on tv. and both trying to one up each other in praising bill clinton at the former president's annual conference on global giving. >> if there's one thing we have learned in this election season by the way, it is that a few words for bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. all i got to do now is wait a couple of days for that bounce to happen. >> president clinton, thank you for your very kind introduction, although i have to admit, i really did like the speech a few weeks ago a little bit better. >> reporter: romney is a
talk about iraq and afghanistan, and the way forward. what has happened and what may happen. >> war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. we have begun a transition in afghanistan. america and our allies will end our war on schedule in 2014. al-qaeda has been weakened. usama bin laden is no more. >> bret: there was some criticism, steve, about ending a war on schedule. that you can end a war on schedule. >> yeah, the formulation doesn't make much sense frankly. there is no schedule for war. you to fight a war until you win a war or at least, you know, if you're in an administration that doesn't want to talk about winning the war, as this administration has chosen not to, at least to achieve your objective. the way he talked about it in that sense, made it sound like the timing mattered more than the outcomes. i think that is a problem if you're over there fighting. >> bret: is there a weakness here on afghanistan? you know now that we know, rudy, that the patrols, joint patrols stopped with the afghans and clearly the attacks have increased, is ending the war on schedule
for after bush invaded iraq. we got a lot out of the iraq war. they aren't talking about this on other stations. all they can do is accuse republicans. >> conservatives rarely want to bring up the issue of race. it has become a narrative. if you mention the word chicago it's now... >> there is a new one tonight on chris math use apartment is racist. >> sean: everything is racist you guys are so lucky. i've done nothing but watch msnbc. >> sean: mugged. this is just a short montage of things that have been al gore they don't want to count you in the census z just like a little snip yet. it goes on every election cycle. watch this. >> i think that they played a race card on me. we know from the campaign and everything they plan to do it all along. >> there is an overwhelming portion of the demonstration towards president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> the republicans hate black people. >> they're in favor of affirmative action if you can dump a basketball or sink a three-point shot but not in favor of it if you merely have the phone shall to be a leader in y
by iraq on israel will be received by the united states as an attack upon the united states. and we will respond militarily. i think you can say that about saudi arabia, too. when i made my statement, you should make people turn to vote. iran wants to destroy saudi arabia, too. >> we will get to iran in a moment, but let's pick up a little of that. it is confusing if you watch both conventions and you listen to people for both parties. one will always claimed that they are superior to the other in their historic support of israel. you have people telling us that republicans are stronger. i forgot these efforts to thwart the u.s. recognition of statehood. that is something obama has not received enough credit for. within a year, we have both a jewish congresspersons, one republican and one democrat saying opposite things. your party would do better in the white house for israel. >> i certainly believe so. it is a very critical period. small things can mean an awful lot when the president has not been to israel, snubs the prime minister, has made outrageous claims. these have conseque
. >> well, let's see what i've done since i came into office. i said i'd end the war in iraq. i did. i said that we'd go after al qaeda. they've been decimated. that we'd go after bin laden. he's gone. so i've executed on my foreign policy and it's one that the american people largely agree with. so, up know if governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> so that's obviously steve croft and not scott pelley. you hear a lot on the democratic side, they tick off those exact same things and say, foreign policywise, and the polls support him, the american people think we're doing okay. >> he said osama bin laden is dead. and al qaeda is on the run. al qaeda is not on the run. what we've seen is al qaeda targeted and assassinated our ambassador in libya. that's -- that's the case. and then he called that a bump in the road. these are four dead american bodies who are in the road. so i think he's absolutely wrong there. when he talks about pulling out of iraq, what we now know is that his military advisers said leave people in iraq. 15,000. he wasn't able t
, including kurds in syria as there are in iraq and iran and turkey, you have a potential situation where you get increased cross water flows of militant groups seeking to have some changes on the borders as well. the last thing the united states wants is for syria to stabilize itself and to destabilize a country that we helped at such great expense in american lives and treasure to put back together after the fall of sadaam hussein. host: call is on the phone on the democratic line. caller: i am surprised at the number of americans and the number of c-span viewers who are not supporters of the united nations. i'm a big supporter. i would like to give an example. the united nations charter and the provisions that could have stopped hitler and world war ii and if we had the united nations in the 1930's. when hitler and his troops marched back into the rhineland, the united nations security council could have applied economic sanctions which would have stopped sweden from selling iron ore to germany. it would have stopped romania from selling oil to hitler. without those, hitler never would hav
for change. he held onto the timeline in iraq and he brought the troops out, and all of those things. but there is broad dissatisfaction among people who said that we are doing it wrong on foreign policy these days. certainly current events in the middle east would give republicans fodder to say who have an acute understanding of national security issues, that's not getting it done. megyn: to have have an acute understanding and interest themselves. we cover these guys are roscoe over there and do it. they watch these things carefully. i want to ask you. you know, the president gave the order to have bin laden killed. the mob and was killed. that was something that was celebrated by americans, military americans and civilians. but then there was the veterans group who has been critical of him, who went public with this advertising campaign. let's watch lists. >> i think when i go after bin laden, if we have a clear shot, i did -- i did -- i did. megyn: mike, that is the kind of thing that is making it impact. he is taking credit for. >> the president has wanted to show himself as the
the crisis in syria, he mentioned the withdrawal of troops from iraq and the draw down from afghanistan and the trouble between israel and the palestinians. but that was all. he essentially was checking the box on all those fronts. and no mention at all of china. in essence, wolf, this was a speech about the two crises that have consumed foreign policy discussion during the u.s. campaign. the tension between israel and iran and now this most recent crisis in libya, wolf. >> with six weeks to go until the election, jessica, tomorrow i take it he's right back out there in the swing states out on the campaign trail? >> reporter: that's right. he is hitting the campaign once again. he will be in the battle groind states. this is campaign season for president obama from here until election day with of course the debates coming up, first debate next week. >> yeah. three presidential debates. one vice presidential debate. jessica, thanks. also in new york city mitt romney speaking at the clinton global initiative just ahead of the president. romney focused on foreign policy as well vowing he w
, which he admitted responsibility for, after bush invaded iraq. we got a lot out of the iraq war, but they're not talking about it on the other stations, because all they can do is accuse republicans of racism. >> sean: conservatives rarely want to bring up the issue of race. it's become a -- if you mention the word "chicago," it's now a -- >> a new one tonight on "chris matthews." apartment is racist. >> sean: everything is racist. >> i do nothing but watch msnbc. >> sean: this is a short montage of things that have been -- you know, al gore, they don't want to count you in the census, republicans have the wrong policy about black america. watch a snippet, because it goes on every election cycle. look at this. >> i think they played the race card on me. we now know from mobil memos ofe campaign that they planned to do it all along. >> the demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> the republicans hate black people. >> they are in favor of affirmative action if you can dunk the basketball or sink a three-point shot. but th
and you can invade iraq and we see years later what the consequences of that were. so short of that, he does not -- of starting a new war, he doesn't really have another policy option. >> excellent. professor dyson, romney has claimed that the president belittled the deaths of ambassador stevens and three other americans when he spoke of the middle east experiencing bumps in the road. that's obviously a desperate attempt to undermine the president on foreign policy. and yet at the same time, sir, mr. romney thinks nothing of belittling 47% of the american population. >> absolutely right. the reality is this, is that mitt romney is attempting to exploit the statements by president obama, take them out of context, and use them as a pretext to justify his assault upon the foreign policy of the obama administration and yet we know what he really thinks. again, we've seen behind the curtain. we see that the wizard of oz is a small guy. we see os not the big, bad wolf that he claims to be in his hawkish policies. here is a guy who dismiss the with elite condescension with the vast majority of
. afghanistan, pakistan, iraq and egypt. under president romney, how would that lineup change? >> he's not getting into line items here about which particular country would get money. he's talking specifically about the mechanics, the framework through which we give money and how it's implemented and what are the conditions in place. so, for instance, if we want the power of free enterprise to advance the developing world, we have got to work to remove the barriers that make free enterprise successful in the developing world. limits on free speech, limits on private property protections. limits on the rule of law. >> dictatorships that are corrupt? >> so we've got to work with international institutions and our own development agencies and the international community to put tougher conditions on these countries when money is dispersed. so i'll give you a real live example going on right now. egypt. right now there is a question. egypt is the second largest recipient of foreign aid, and there is a big transition in government, a muslim brotherhood president in place. should we be givi
ghatenn w we no the h realized there was no weapons of mass destruction in iraq. that was the whole reality we lived in, the disillusionment on the right, the confusion in the middle, the anger on the left. they didn't even experience that period of time? >> well, chris, to put a charitably, i think the publican party today is the noalpa thas sense of it having kind of marinated in their world view down in tampa at the republican convention. they think of a simpler world, a world where the verities they believin still apply in simple terms. the fact is it's a complex world. rnnt, if the whole thing is i don't want government, i don't believe in government, then you aren't going to participate in the reality of economic life for one in america today. th're the nostalgia party. they would like to believe that theilitary was correct, that dick cheney was correctbout on mdect thoureto believe in that -- >> but what evidence do they have that we were right about iraq and wmd? >> they don't. what i'm saying i they want to will themselves into believing authority figures who used to be res
supports the president. but also discuss the wars in iraq and afghanistan and u.s. relations with the middle east. from fordham university law school in new york, this is about an hour and a half. >> we are here again once again in connection with this conference dedicated to examining the 2012 presidential election, and the way it may be being shaped by the memory of the holocaust and the policy of israel. and we can find no to more interesting people to discuss this topic for many, many reasons. first, the former three term mayor of new york city, ed koch. [applause] people forget, i do not, but people forget that mayor koch act to start out in congress. so the discussion that watauga is not merely about his days as a member also he two, has run for congress and knows what that means. i think in this more recent vintage, mayor koch can be thought of as a kingmaker in guiding the jewish vote. many people, well, he may not agree to this but he may actually many people think of him as a barometer, kingmaker of sorts of whether jewish vote is headed. that's another reason to ha
, yemen, syria, iraq. afghanistan, pakistan. this is a battle going on in which i think what we have to do is be there on the side of the modern minded sensible people. it's going to be a very tough struggle in the meantime. >> how much about the way we look at these countries is colored by the last decade of experience in afghanistan and iraq. here in america and great britain, their civilians have been killed in these wars, we don't have the stomach to put our men and women in harm's way. do you think that colors the way president obama views these decisio decisions? >> well, it's always better to have a coalition together. but i think what's happening which is different now in the past couple of years from the previous ten is that we interveinte interve intervened, and so on. this time, it is -- these uprisings are coming from the street. these oppressive regimes are being cast off. but what we learned about the societies and i think you can see this very clearly from afghanistan, from iraq. when you lift the lid of this repression off out come pouring these religious, tribal, ethnic pr
it is widespread. >>reporter: aside from these, one was behind the largest suicide bombings in iraq killing 13 iraqi policemen three years after he was released from guantanamo bay. one of the most interesting aspects. the current deputy leader if the taliban is a former gitmo detainee. there is no credible picture although he was chosen because he was young, in his late 30's and a hardened fighter. he joined the taliban in 1995 and was the first detainee at g boy. his number there was number 8, having spent five years at gitmo, a federal law enforcement force said there is real concern that someone like him has recommitted to the taliban's cause but also brings with him a new understanding of the way americans think and the way the american system works. >>shepard: thank you from washington, dc, catherine. >> federal jets every day, packed full of passengers, come close to colliding before take off or after landing. reports are now showing that sometimes the crashes are only prevented by luck. what happens when you are still on the ground at the airport? we have staggering numbers. that is ah
election effort in 2004, we were knee-deep in iraq and the war was raging, he was meeting with foreign dick -- dignitaries left and right. >>guest: he was trying to project a united front around the world. i will figure this out. i'm tough on national security. >>neil: but last year, president obama was meeting with a host of people. the year before, a healthy host of people. >>guest: they are not saying it is driven by politics. we are a few weeks from re-election. he is trying to show an image of confidence. in addition to "the view," a camera heard the president talking to a security guard that he must have recognized from a previous u.n. speech saying "still rooting for the jets." he is talking about the u.n. talking about football. we will talk about the green bay and what happened last night. >>neil: maybe he can get on the ref thing. >>reporter: he is taking, look, i don't have a care in the world. cruising to re-election. >>neil: you are here. even with all the traffic with the u.n. thing. things have subsideed. i am keeping a close eye on you. this could be a fake rally. thank you,
of iraq, give 95% of the american people a tax cut. he has done all of those things. and these are the things that the majority of americans say they wanted. >> now, let me ask you this quickly because we're running out of time. you are number three democrat in the congress. not just the caucus, but in the congress, period. yet you stay here as a civil rights activist. does this remind you of things you fought growing up? >> oh, lord. growing up in the '60s, i grew up in the '50s as well. i've been around here a long time. when we fought back in the late '50s with trying to get school integration going, then trying to get civil rights -- >> i have to have you hold it there. we're out of time. thank the kids at benedict college in allen. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and you...rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announce
of a landfill. jerry lynn smith lost her husband in iraq. then she found out some of his remains are were among those classified as medical waste and dumped in the landfill on virginia's northern neck. she was there yesterday as a plaque was unveiled. smith has already had some success in getting the military to make changes to try and ensure something like this never happens again. >>> today d.c. council members will get an update on flooding problems in the bloomingdale neighborhood. the neighborhood off rhode island avenue in northwest washington has been flooded out several times just over the last year and plenty of times in years before that. after the problems came to the attention of city leaders, crews sprung into action ahead of last week's big rainstorm and cleared out the storm drains and handed out sandbags. while some other communities did experience some flash flooding in that storm, not a problem in the bloomingdale neighborhood, at least this time. >>> the tysons redevelopment plan is threatening to do away with some popular green space and a trail. a plan to help ease traffic
in the road. >> dancing or march of 2005, it's democracy. there was a lot of chaos going on in iraq 2005. we ven said when wree, deacs messy. >> how long ago was that? >> 2005. >> it turned out to be wrong, didn't it? >> former mayor of new york city, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> take a quick break and come ba. mi romney and bill clinton coming together. we are expecti it any minute now. we wilbe rht bk. we've all had those moments. en you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. enhat you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid c spends like cash. feels like membership. >>> we're going to takeou right nowo bl to inuc mitt romney at the clinton global initiative. we will hear mitt romney outline his vision of what foreign assistance will look like. president obama addresses the meeting later this afternoon. >> i was out of the white house. i said, governor, i lity yendtme ill about. i hope you'll help me save it an
him, what governor romney spend more in taxes to iraq have to pay more in federal income-tax is under the brand new overall that you are talking about for the tax-cut? they're going to get rid of some deductions, although they have not exactly late at which deductions are on the way out. back to you. cheryl: that's the big question, but at least the tax returns came out on friday. great interview exclusively talking to fox business. thank you very much. meanwhile, president obama may have the upper hand in ohio, but can he keep that momentum going? with more on this, guidance and commander for town hall the outcome is here. democratic strategist and senior vice president of global strategy group. i want to start with you. at this point in ohio if you look just at the numbers in ohio, the president is waiting. and romney has a fairly decent cap that he has for phil here. does he stand a chance? >> definitely. at think it's going to be a knife fight down the very final stretch, the quote that i got from our romney campaign when i spoke to them at rodney headquarters last week. it will b
to asia. we pulled out of iraq. we pulled out of afghanistan. or we have a date to pull out of afghanistan. on meanwhile things like they're worse than they have been in a very long time in the middle east. melissa: what is the danger to the americans around the world if we have a president standing in front. u.n., saying talking about this movie and essentially blaming it on the movie when most people with information believe the movie is like you said a red herring is and is not the cause of what happened? >> i would have more of a tendency to blame it on september 11. melissa: right. >> i don't believe in coincidences. too many years of investigating crime gets me it point where i don't believe in coincidences. i don't believe this was about the movie. i believe this is about doing a terrorist act on set of 11, slaughtering an american ambassador. killing american diplomat, killing two seals. creating havoc in 20 countries around the world. it is not just this video. for us to talk about the video gives us the impression we don't have a good sense what is going on there they were caught
by iraq on israel will be received by the united states as an attack upon the united states. i think you can say that about saudi arabia, too. when i made my statement, you should make people turn to vote. iran wants to destroy saudi arabia, too. which is an ally of ours. >> we will get to iran in a moment, but let's pick up a little of that. it is confusing if you watch both conventions and you listen to people for both parties. butone will always claimed that but they are superior to the other in their historic support of israel. you have people telling us that republicans are stronger. i forgot these efforts to thwart statehood. that is something obama has not received enough credit for. within a year, we have both a jewish congresspersons, one saying opposite things. your party would do better in the white house for israel. >> i certainly believe so. it is a very critical period. small things can mean an awful lot when the president has not minister, has made outrageous claims. these have consequences. heri think some of the arab states right now -- these are big blunders. >> you mea
he wound down the war in iraq which was polarizing and unpopular, and also obviously because of the death of osama bin laden. but i think this is a moment for american leadership, and the president is going to have to strongly articulate a commitment not only to the state of israel, but i think also to ensuring that iran will not achieve a nuclear weapon which the advanced copies of the text indicates he will say strongly, but it's about very much about arguing strongly for american leadership abroad and propelling a specific vision for what america can do at this inflection point in the arab spring. it's going to be all about strength. yesterday he went to the view. he didn't meet with the other leaders. he is in campaign mode and there's a certain damage control trying no not to make any mistakes, but he is the president of the united states, and this is a time to really use that bully pulpit on the international stage to send a message to independent voters and those undecideds who are left that he has a clear vision or how america can conduct itself in this very chaotic t
and in the military. military guardspeople, 15,000 of them deployed in the war on terror. i went to iraq and afghanistan, and i celebrate the fact that all units are home. we have to figure out a way to get to a result port -- point. again, i have laid out a pretty concrete plan for how we can in the short-term avoid sequester cuts so that we do not harm defense and so we protect the northern virginia economy. this is not about taking anybody prisoner. it is about solving a problem. we have to have some problem solvers. >> i want to give you each one minute to respond to this. the war in afghanistan, one decade plus. our troops are being targeted, by the same troops that we are trying to stand up so we can stand down. governor ella, can we accomplish the mission in withdraw troops if we do not have an afghan army sufficiently stood up? -- governor allen? >> i do not think it is a great idea to have our opponents know when we are leaving. that just does not make sense. their families are serving as well. we are giving them the opportunity to stand up and take control of their destiny. the
place of business. investigators say that she sold cocaine back in 2009. they say that iraq may have to contributed to the dismissal of hundreds of cases that depended on evidence from the crime lab unit. if convicted sheesh could face four years in prison. san francisco officials are weighing changes to the city's building code that would allow construction of some of the chinese departments of the country. the city's supervisors are set to vote tomorrow. it would permit apartments as small as 220 square feet. supporters say it would provide a cheaper option in a city where rent has become unaffordable. critics say the units would not help families and could boost population density. we will be right back. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicia
them to take into account how the situation on the ground changes. i spent a lot of time in iraq and as we were transitioning from our military presence there to the state department presence there, we looked very closely at the security procedures at our con sue lates and embassies. so i expect in the aftermath of these incidents, there will be another review and steps will be taken to improve security where needed. >> let's talk about libya and the mixed messages. it still seems confusing to me. on the 16th of september, our ambassador called the attacks spontaneous. jay carney agreed with that. then called it a terrorist attack and today during a taping for the view, the president said it wasn't just a mob action. but didn't call it a terrorist attack. after 13 days, shouldn't be know, especially given the libyan government has been very consistent from the beginning in saying this was preplanned. >> i think there's a lot of conflicting evidence. and frankly, i'm not privy to the classified information on this. and even if i was, i guess i couldn't tell you about it. my sense
. also interesting talking to bill clinton about any parallels he saw between iraq and saddam hussein and this situation, because here you have a bad guy in the middle east, who people are accusing of either having or wanting to have nuclear weapons, and we all know how that ended with a catastrophic failure of intelligence. that didn't do america or the west any good at all in terms of winning the hearts and minds of the people of the middle east. he said it was a very clear difference. the very clear difference was that ahmadinejad is readily admitting to enriching uranium for nuclear power. the only question then becomes do we believe him when he says quite adamantly and quite consistently, i have no plans to build a nuclear bomb, i only want to use it for medical purposes and so on? do we believe him or not? bill clinton was pretty straightforward, i don't believe him. many in america do not believe him. that's the big, big play now, i think, for israel, and for america. does israel go alone? does america help israel? what happens? >> well, ahmadinejad last night. the possible fut
, the attempt to improve relations with china and russia. obviously he's got the uwe united states out of iraq. the united states after going up has now come down to some extent in afghanistan. the middle east, even though it's turbulent, is more open than it was. so i think the president in general can point to some areas where he moved forward and some areas obviously his critics will say where he movedded back. all in all it's a defense i believe and defendable record. >> ifill: i want to walk through some of that piece by piece. referencing the president's speech today, he turned over a big chunk of it to talking about the difference between railing against or speaking out against violence... violent extremism versus protecting free speech. why was so much devoted to that topic? >> gwen, i thought it was an interesting speech. very reflective speech. i think probably designd by the president and his advisors to try to heal some of the wounds that have been so apparent between the muslim world and the united states over these last two weeks, these very tragic weeks. i thought it was interes
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